Banana and chocolate + new muffins tins (flower and heart designed)

Here is another gret yummy, yet healthy muffin recipe for you guys! :-) easy, fast and tasty! <3 Now, here are the ingredients. You can add or remove some by your own preference.… Continue reading

If only shopping would really make problems fade away … ♥

If only shopping would really make problems fade away … ♥ by zzoezu featuring flower wall art Black tank 150 RON – Crop top 30 RON – MANGO leather jacket 745 RON – R13 grey jeans… Continue reading

Feeling fluffy ❤

Finally my package from #Avon has arrived. 😍😻👡👞👟👠👢

STILL missing Belgium ❤


Smoothies ❤

Hi there sugars! As always, i hope your week  started pleasantly, i hope you slept well and may you have another great week. For now, to erase any stress gained this second Monday,… Continue reading

What to do when you got nothing to do ❤

Good morning, good walk ❤

Happy new year to all of you, sugars ❤

Sunday goodies part 2 ❤

It’s funday. Comfy outfits and preparations for the New Year’s. 💛💚 All you have to do is always remembering to keep your head hell high. You shall never let anybody put you down,… Continue reading

Sunday goodies after Christmas ❤

Christmalicious ♥

Christmas it’s just around the corner, sugars! The time for lots of overwhelming traditions and heart warming moments :-)  It’s time to give, receive, decorate, cook, relax, enjoy traditions and Indeed, everyday worries… Continue reading

Wine not?! ♥

Wine not?! ♥ by zzoezu featuring colored lights Ebb Flow colored light $265 – Fitz and Floyd glass goblet Wedgwood collection $12 – Pottery Barn wine home decor Bralette bra Leisureland Women’s… Continue reading

Burlesque black ♥

 have yourself a sexy gifting Christmas Burlesque black ♥ by zzoezu featuring a black bow lingerie Mimi Holliday by Damaris silk bra Mimi Holliday by Damaris black lingerie Mimi Holliday by… Continue reading

Christmas blog challenge ♥

Long time since my last blog challenge! As Christmas is coming and everyone is excited because of it, I thought I should make a Christmasy blog challenge! 25 challenges. You can share it… Continue reading

Cookie swap, sugars ♥

So, for this Christmas, why don’t you invite a couple of friends at your house to have a cookie swap? You can do this to simplify everything at your Christmas party. So I’m… Continue reading

Loading… ♥

A lot has passed, Now there’s just a few The rest is loading, The changes, too. Here comes the winter, Here comes the cold, There are the sweaters Now let’s get them on.… Continue reading

Songs for your playlist ♥

I’ve been humming these all day in my mind Can you save us now? Our world is ending. ♥