Folk rock ♥

Well, hello. I just stumbled across this great song from The Lumineers and thought i should share it with you, maybe it will bring a smile on your face, too!  ☺


Well, hello. Happy to share some exciting new i just happened to come across while surfing the next, about one of my fav actors! Not sure if you hear of Lee Min Ho, too, but if not, here are some cool series i would happily recommend to you! Boys over flowers – where some hot … More LMH ♥

Mars cake ♥

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  ? ? easy recipe ? 120g Margarine 4 Mars Bars or a supermarket equivalent 150g Milk chocolate 300g Rice Crispies or a supermarket equivalent ? Cut the Mars Bars into small slices and melt with the margarine in a glass bowl over a saucepan of boiling water. Take…