Have a nice weekend sugars ♥

10 things to do this weekend    At least 13 minutes of yoga. [~easy yoga, not hand stands or hanumanasana; but you could try dog or warrior pose] Watch a movie you wanted to… Continue reading

Last three days insta diary ♥ go follow me

@zoeandthepeanutbutter <3 And always remember ^^

Friday fun, weekend mood on ♥

◘ Annyeong haseyo! Konnichiwa! Bonjour! ◘ These past weeks really got me busy and considering my insomnia, it was quite exactly what I needed. Even though I didn’t have so much time to… Continue reading

A long time no quick post :'( ♥

♥ Rapapapa tonight ♥ Be you enemy or brother. Long time I haven’t posted anything at all. . . i been thru some mood swings, busy days, hectic times, sleepless nights and awful… Continue reading

Such a skinny flawless nature, but so powerful indeed ❤

:)😪😦👨💀👊👭👠💚🐭🐣🐇🍀🌑⚡🎒📼📣🚽📤📆📛🎲☕🍙🍎🏢🌅 #vscocam Whenever you feel down, just take a moment and enjoy the nature. Live with it. Breath with it, feel it. How skinny she looks, but when you actually reconsoder all the… Continue reading

Canvas of life ❤


Monday chill out ❤


*Will i go home? or will i run away?* ❤

#vscocam pink fields. x 🌅🌄🌷🌺🌸🌿 Qotd: Let the world that’s supposed to bring you down keep you rising. ~ Eric Peterson ~ Motivational. X Gloomconsigned.tumblr.com @zoeandthepeanutbutter 😘👸✌🐼🌹🌙🌈

Chopsticks ❤


Sakura 2 ❤


さくら. Sakura. ❤


I miss Belgium. X ❤

Beautiful stuff from a beautiful antique store ❤

#vsco #antique #こんにちは

Baking cupcakes ❤


Banana and chocolate muffins ❤

Here is another gret yummy, yet healthy muffin recipe for you guys! :-) easy, fast and tasty! <3 Now, here are the ingredients. You can add or remove some by your own preference.… Continue reading

If only shopping would really make problems fade away … ♥

If only shopping would really make problems fade away … ♥ by zzoezu featuring flower wall art Black tank 150 RON – highheelssuicide.com Crop top 30 RON – amazon.co.uk MANGO leather jacket 745 RON – mango.com R13 grey jeans… Continue reading

Feeling fluffy ❤

Finally my package from #Avon has arrived. 😍😻👡👞👟👠👢