Blooming around the world on St. Patrick’s❤️

I can not truly believe how long i went by not posting anything here. Truth is i honestly had no more good enough ideas and when i did have them, i had no… Continue reading

Imperfect and inconstant ♥

Hey there sugars officialy i am on the first day of the summer holiday I am glad to have finished this college year so much better than the last one. The last two… Continue reading

Beautiful unknown weird people ♥

Sunday ♥ -morning, still- This week has started okeish in the first hours, continued dreaduflly horribly terrifying awfully and has all the chances to end up better than the first hours, guess what!… Continue reading

It’s short, is not so short anymore ♥

Hey there sugars, i know that i have literally just went over here and posted a few significant thoughts a lil bit earlier, but i have to post some more, i promise to… Continue reading

It’s short ♥

I think it’s about overthinking, but i will make it an exception and make it short. It amazes me how unseen people, happy, joyful, who seem to have it all put together, when… Continue reading

Wednesday Wisdom ♥

Okay, so hey there, sugars! Today was such a tiring day. It is not usually like that, but today i changed my schedule a little and also, had to do a bunch of… Continue reading

Rainy friday + waffles to enjoy the sound better ♥

So many ideas cross my head as i am slowly moving my head towards the calling sound of rain, as i am gently taking another bite from some lovely waffles i made. I… Continue reading

Anzac Day ♥

 25 April – Just a few days left and here it is – Easter. (or at least for some) 🙂 But besides that, as i took a quick glimpse on my lovely Audrey Hepburn… Continue reading

Wednesday, what’s new? ♥

Hi there dear sugars! ☺ I know there has been so so long since i posted last time, so long that sometimes i even feel like i imagined having a blog and those… Continue reading

happy water day ❤️

don t forget to go on! and just .. don t spend so much water! and be a better person, while enjoying spring over here around the corner 🌞

Throwback on a busy Tuesday! ❤️

Hello there! this week’s Tuesday was way more “approachable” let’s say – than last week’s. Anyway. This short and lovely thought came up to my mind as i was gently relaxing after such… Continue reading

Approaching – march 22 ❤️

okay so, quickly out and about, but on my way to letting you know about this mail i just happened to receive! 22 march – world water day so please, be kind enough… Continue reading