Super sweet blog award ♥

Hey there sugars <33 Hope you’re all having a good time while keeping your head high and smiling to this beautiful world. xD Me, I’m really happy, cuz I’ve been nominated for the ❝SSB❞  award <3456789 First of all, I’d like to thank Ivie, for nominatin’me. Soo, ♔ Thank youuu so much Ivie ♥.! ♕


Now, the rules, the questions, and the other nominees. ❤

  • 5 rulers sweet as sugar ❤ ☆
  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. ✔
  2. Answer the questions. [see below] ✔
  3. Include the  award in your blog post ♥. ✔
  4. Nominate other 13 sweet blogs. [below] ✔
  5. Notify them through a comment. [right away ♥] ✔
  • 5 questions sweet as sugar xD ☆

I prefer… cookies or cakes [cuz they’re bigger <333 -o-]

Between chocolate and vanilla I choose… chocolate. ❤

My favourite sweet treat is… Hmmm. I think I’ll have to say the american pancakes and the muffins with chocolate chips. Myeah, definitely. 

When do I crave for sweet stuff the most? -When I’m reading, watching a movie or when I’m writing. ❤

My sweet nickname. Well, once… like 2 years ago, I’ve been in a camp where I’ve met some nice people, and I really got along with this girl, and since then she’s been calling me candy, and I’m calling her lollipop. ❤

  • 13 Nominees xDD ☆ [no order] 

  Pinay Flying High  

  Fashion for Lunch  

 Bucket List Publications  

  Every Day in a Dress  

  The Sofi’s World  

  Obsess with ss501  ✿

✿  Helen Valentina  

  Ziddi Tamana  

  Amriaa’s blog  


  Busy Mind Thinking  ✿

  Muse Writer  

  Thinking of you  ✿


♕ Say what you wanna say ♔

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