The wordpress family award ♥



First of all, I want to thank Sabrina, for nominating me.! I am so happpyyy ♥ Many thankiess to Sabrina Carvalho.!

Now, the rules

  • Display the Award Certificate on your blog. ✓
  • Announce your win with a post. Make sure you post a link back to me as a ‘thank you’ for the nomination. ✓
  • Present 15 awards to 15 deserving bloggers. [down] ✓
  • Leave them a comment to let them know after you have linked them to a post. [in 5 minutes] ✓
  • Post 7 interesting things about yourself. ✓
Now, here there are those 7 things about me, sugars xD
  1. ¸.•*´ I’m so fucking stubborn.! 😀 When somebody tells me: ‘you can’t do that’ I definitely have to do that, just to prove them and to myself, that I CAN. ❤
  2. ¸.•*´ I’m obsessed with sport, lately. When I was sad or really pissed off, I used to eat a lot, at night, unfortunately. And now, my obsession, turned to sport. I exercise daily, and some say I exaggerate, but hey.! i’m happy that my obsession is sport, not drugs or other stuff. ❤ [and for those who drink, smoke or do drugs… don’t overdo, just don’t… it only makes things worse ;o3]
  3. ¸.•*´ i thought i hated cooking, but since i’ve seen my mom, my grandmothers, my aunt, my neighbour etc. cooking, and that’s a long time, i just wished i could do that too. and damn, i did not too often, but i did… and i liked it and now i do some really funny muffins. the first time, i added too much salt. ≧▽≦ but, they were still good, cuz as we say… ‘I have put my soul into them.’
  4. ¸.•*´ on friday nights i’ve the most inspiring ideas for painting my nails. i don’t know how or why, but i’m tellin’ you… it only happens on friday nights.! ≧3≦
  5. ¸.•*´ my birthday is in July, and since december, the new year eve, i’ve kept safe 7 fireworks. hahah xD i have always wanted to light my birthday up with some sparkly stuff, and i finally had it.! ❤
  6. ¸.•*´ well, this one is more like a silly sweety tradition. it’s funny, when i think and realise me and my parents are the only one doing it, from what i’ve seen till now. so, every time one of us leaves the house, who remains always stays at the window and wave to the other, and every time anyone comes to us, knows that they have to look up, some waves are waiting for them too. (:
  7. ¸.•*´ like you can definitely tell from my blog, i’m a hopeless dreamer. but i am not that patient, no, not at all. so this is why my blog si called hope dream wait. because i think [i actually over think so many things xd] that everybody has to dream, that everybody has an old gold dream an dthat they definitely hope, because of having it… but the patience is the most beloved key, to succes. ♥
and now, my 15 nominees ♥
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  3. Between land and sky ♥
  4. Fun girls live better
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  6. Peach milky tea
  7. india alexandra world
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  11. fashion, food and flirts
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  13. around the writing rainbow
  14. can’t cook so what?
  15. toemail


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