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heartOkay, so hey there sugars! I am in the mood for writing a brand new Christmas post… I hope you are doing better than me, and if your mood is down, well I will try to cheer you up, that’s what I am always trying, I hope I’m good at it, at least sometimes. 🙂 First of all, I’m proud to show you my Christmas tree, not finished yet, tho’! I still need the lights. 😦 Well, I’ll hopefully get them until the magical Christmas night, if not… I don’t want to think about that. Now, we all think about food and parties and gifts and trees and decorations and stuff, when it comes to Christmas… but I think our real wish ”to put on Santa’s letter” would be happiness… but we always seem to forget about that, don’t we? Well, I think it’s time to reconsider about what really matters. I keep hearing people around me… ”ohh poor man, he is sick” but what if the sadness made him sick in the first place? It doesn’t really matter how long we live… it matter the way we do. I think I am finally starting to believe that life was just made for us to enjoy, not survive cuz that ”upper spirit” will make us fade someday… so I think we’d better die faster, but happier, than later, but sadder. I don’t think I could last thousand years in sadness… so, let’s be `merry`! 
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Here is my tree – not that happy,
He’s still undone,
And soon Christmas will be gone
He needs his light to shine so bright
He’ll be the star in my sweet land
He’ll light it up till it will rend
And everything will go its way
With no holiday, just the normal day.

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heartNow, do your remember my fave panda mug? Well, due to the bad luck I had lately, I broke its handle is gone. ”Yayy” 😦 😦 😦 I think I’ve cried for almost an hour, okay, I think you can put this on my list of funny trips! So, as I’m a totally sentimental sugar, I was too sad to throw it, so I dressed ”her” up. So, as it’s winter,  and you’ve recently broke one of your dear mugs too, think of it as she might be cold… that is what I did, so I have cut a sock and put it in. Now, it’s not cold anymore, and it gets to be on my desk daily. I won’t get to miss her, only when I’m out. Glad I didn’t threw it! 
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Truth is that I am really curious about what you REALLY want for THIS Christmas. 🙂 I hope you will get what you deserve. I hope you will all get second chances to dreaming, loving and smiling. It would be awesome to find out what’s flying over your creepy lovely mysterious mind, as I already know that our human minds are much more complicated than they can easily be said. Well, I’ll tell you what I want. As I’m a total negative person, I’m already sick of always making a wish… that never comes true. So as I’ve been disappointed over and over, now I’m making smaller wishes… and these are some of my desires for this Christmas. =^o^=
  1. Finally have a happy Christmas
  2. Cook Christmas fancy cakes
  3. Be proud of what I have cooked
  4. Help my mom
  5. Fireworks ❤ [okay, this is my screen lock now, it makes me SMIIIIILE]


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And even it might be too early, here are some of my New Year’s eve wishes, that just came up to my mind.
  1. Christmas wishes would come true…
  2. From the next year I’ll be less stressed and more relaxed
  3. My blog would get more popular while inspiring people
  4. I’d find some sweet ”activity” that would suit me perfectly
  5. People would finally see me as i am, at least some of them
  6. This new year’s eve I’ll make something different

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So… what are you planning sugar? 

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xo, Zoe


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