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Once again, my mom hit the spot. But, for this amazing Christmas – as I hope it will finally be, I really wanted to sit beside her, at every little thing, so here am I. All this weekend, I tried to do my best and give her a hand. As I grew up along my mother and grandmother’s cooking passion, I think I’ve also been rewarded with this amazing enthusiasm for DIY [do it yourself].  I’m not as good as them, yet, and I don’t know if I will ever be, but I have to admit that even when I am doing a part of the work, eating it in the end or just tasting, seems better… It’s so good when you do it yourself! [everything is just great, as you somehow get the chance to picture on the paper what your mind has on its ”paper”]
Remember that Christmas is the feeling
That burns every hate from behind
For someone’s sake Santa will come
And gifts will be falling – one by one
The chance your hope will become true
May be closer than you’d known
With every hope and all the waiting
Among the good along your hood
The beast in you will go and hide
And the small light will get to shine
Now go prepare – it’s dinner time
Gifts and goodies, all aligned
Waiting for you to come by
Go and take what you desire
Serve yourself, it’s Christmas style!
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This cake is really laborious. You’ll need a 2 countertops for up and down, for the middle part you will need a sponge cake and for the 2 rows, the cream and finally, the glaze. Note! The 2 countertops will be brown and the sponge cake white. Let’s go! ♥

  • Ingredients for countertop

  1. one egg
  2. 4 spoons of sugar and oil
  3. one medium cup of milk
  4. Ammonium bicarbonate pined with one spoon of vinegar
  5. 2 spoons of cocoa
  6. flour is needed till the dough is just good to be craned
  • Steps

You break it in two, then you’ll bake them on the other side of the tray [the bottom], powdered with flour.

  • Ingredients of sponge cake

  1. 5 eggs
  2. 10 spoons of sugar
  3. 5 spoons of oil and flour
  •  Steps

The albumen gets separated from the yolks. Then the albumen gets mixed till it becomes a foam. After that, in another pot you have to mix the yolks with sugar, don’t forget to add salt powder, then the oil and flour, mixing easily, from upside down… until it gets incorporated [tougher].

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  • Ingredients for cream

  1. 2 butter packets, cups of sugar and eggs
  2. 1l milk
  3. 6 spoons of starch
  4. lemon zest
  5. 3 vanilla sugar sachets
  • Steps

The eggs get mixed on small fire, with the sugar, then they get mixed until getting colder. Boil the milk, dissolve the starch with it, then mix it until it becomes cream, then wait for that to get a bit colder. Mix the butter with a mixer, then, add one spoon and another of each composition, alternating. At the final cream, add the zest and the vanilla sugar.

  • Final stuff

Divide the cream in 2 equal parts, then put it like this: countertop + cream + sponge cake + cream + countertop + glaze ->> see the ingredients:

  • 6 sugar spoons. 2 cocoa spoons. 2 milk chocolates. 1/4 butter packet. ->> see the steps:

Put in a pot some water, cocoa and sugar, then let in on the cooker at a small fire. After it starts boiling, add small pieces of chocolate, then the butter. Let it cool a little and add it on top of our wonderful delicious cakieee ♥




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