Baklava ♥

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hello sugars! 

here is the second cake me and mom got for you, and for our Christmas, ‘course! Let’s get going ❤ It’s called `baklava`, characteristic to the Ottoman Empire cuisines. 

  • Ingredients:

600g of ground nuts

3 cinnamon spoons

one pie sheet packet

one packet of butter

  • Syrup time:

800 ml water

500g sugar

300g honey

rum essence – optional, just to add a special imprint [me and my mom add this to almost everything]

Now, do you remember that at the previous cake, you needed lemon zest? Well, I hoped you kept that lemon, though! Now, you will need it’s juice. If you gave it or used it for Sth else, that is just fine, take another. 🙂 Alright. It’s time to prepare our cake. This one is much easier.

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Melt the butter. Mix the cinnamon with the ground nuts. Now, get the tray and let’s put on the sheet. The base and the upper part will need 2-3 😕 A packet has around 12-14, and you will need to divide it in 3 equal parts… 🙂 Between each sheet put some butter [which would be liquid, as you have melted it]. Do that for 3 sheets and than put nuts. Now, before putting it into the oven , cut the pieces. Let it in the oven until it browns. After taking it out, we have to get the syrup ready. Put the water with the sugar on the cooker, medium fire again. Let it seethe, then add the honey. After that, let it cool for 3 minutes and pour it onto the cake. Yummmmmyyy!

PS: you can add on tup of it nuts or pistachio, or just leave it sample. 🙂

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6 responses to “Baklava ♥”

  1. Budapesta ♥ | Avatar

    […] Baklava ♥ ( […]

  2. Zoe Avatar

    You are welcome, thank you too! I hope you`re having a merry christmas with your loved ones. I wish you the best, hope dream wait sugar! :3

  3. mickyn Avatar

    Hi Zoe, I love baklava, and I’m gonna try your recipe soon.
    Thanks for checking out my blog. Merry Christmas! 🙂

  4. Zoe Avatar

    yea, it’s a delicious cakiee 🙂 now you can do it yourself, and it will be even more delicious, as you will put some effort into it.

  5. sakuraandme Avatar

    HI Zoe, I love baklava and always get some at the markets. Nite from Oz, Paula xxxx

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