February blog challenge ♥

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  1. HEY SUGAR!capture-20140226-190754
  2. how comes that only through some cables, the tv shows us colourful images and how does the radio make noise, tho’? what’s different and weird when it comes to… me? what’s the truth behind this whole world?
  3. Birdy – light me up. Lorde – team. Gabriella Cilmi – sweet about me. Clean Bandit – Rather be. Yuna – rescue. + tv stuff and music from shows
  4. baggy shirts [check out my insta name! 😀 ]
  5. well, hope dream wait… it kinda’says a lot about… me! Hope= the only feeling stronger than fear. i carry it in my heart each second of my life, and so do you 🙂 Dream= through this i just want to tell people to forget about limits and allow their souls and minds go further and further. please do! Wait= this is so not me, but it is, in the same time  T_T i am not patient; but i think y’all should be, that is one of the most important things in life… being reasonable.
  6. Heidi, the mountain girl by Johanna Spyri
  7. lip balm and sometimes i use eye liners [mostly black] no other make upit wasn't me, I like being natural, even though society’s like awww the more make up you have the more normal it is! when it comes to hydration, I use thermal water and moisturizer cream
  8. taking pictures of the moon. writing. sport. blogging. decorating [and rearranging].
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  10. 2014-02-13 19.35.22
  11. i wouldn’t actually change my bedroom, i have created things that others don’t have and decorated it my own way. even my furniture is specially ordered. but, i still got an obsession with beds. this ->> large (12) large (9)
  12. My grandparents. Lee Min Ho. Kim Yuna. Patrick Chan. Stephen King. Mahatma Gandhi. Marylin Monroe. Charles Darwin. Albert Einstein. Beethoven. Boris Vian.
  13. Titanic. Hachiko: a dog’s story. Eight below.
  14. muffins ❤ check out my posts.
  15. rock, tomboy, boho
  16. All that skate. day dreaming Loch ness. Stonehenge. Tunnel of love [Ukraine]. Tulip fields. Tianzi Mountains.The Whaley house. Hollywood Roosevelt hotel. Franklin castle.
  17. wake up at 9 am, no alarm. drink tea/ coffee/ milk + muffins/ cakes/ cereals. listening to music, while dancing and singing 😀 dressing up. bad mood – a lot of a black eyeliner. good mood – natural ^u^ go face the world, survive, laugh, be crazy, be weird, be me. xoxo, lots of love xx
  18. people who are panhandling money, even thought they already have it. people who schmooze; gossiping one person and then talking to her so chummy. those who make grammatical mistakes. narrow minded.at wits' end
  19. “Trying hard to reach out, but when I tried to speak out felt like no one could hear me. Wanted to belong here, but something felt so wrong here… So I prayed I could break away”- Kelly Clarkson “i think i’m ugly and nobody wants to love me. Just like her I wanna be pretty”- 2ne1
  20. night. i love the darkness. the moon. the moment when everything is so quiet. and it seems like nothing bad’s around. when i can think about silly stuff and then go to sleep and hope i won’t remember unpleasant things.
  21. feathers. origami hanging all over. cute boxes. adorable pillows [ty mom!]. candles. elephants. hello kitty. kawaii stickers.
  22. beetroot – i can’t even stand its smell. and lately, i have cut down on meat.partyon ym way to becoming a full-time lacto vegetarian!
  23. Teen wolf. The fosters. Bates motel. Baby daddy. Love rain. Lie to me.
  24. Scooby- Doo. A miss mallard mystery. Courage, the cowardly dog. The cramp twins. H2o. [now i’ve seen they made new series Mako mermaids] ^u*
  25. “Far fom the madding crowd” – Thomas Hardy “Hatter’s castle” – AJ Cronin “Vanity fair” – William Makepeace [i just love his name] “The night circus” – Erin Morgenstern pirate
  26. buy some high heels and learn how to walk really easy on them. understand chemistry. try a sport, been lazy for a long time. 6 pack. buy some skates. be more confident. write more. find something that would change my life. ^u^
  27. “It’s impossible,” said pride. “It’s risky,” said experience. “It’s pointless,” said reason. “Give it a try,” whispered the heart.