Let’s learn how to be happy ♥


how to be happy at work

  1. wake up with 2 hours before you need to leave, so you’ll have plenty of time for a shower – it’d better be cold so you’d wake up properly, you’d have some time to drink a coffee and think what to wear etc.
  2. try to be nice to your colleagues, a sweet shy smile, a wave, a blink 😉
  3. keep your work space/ desk tidy, so you’ll get to be more organised when working, too
  4. don’t steal your colleague’s work, if they do so, well… don’t let them!
  5. take some you time when you feel like so… a break for brunch isn’t a sin, it’s a must
  6. try to finish everything just in time, don’t dally, wasting time just causes you more stress due to unfinished business
  7. watch your body language, your gestures, your smile! give respect and get it.
  8. don’t complain, and try to avoid those who do, but first, try to help them and if that turns out to be hopelessly… then …
  9. try to get along with your boss, a big Must with a capital letter!
  10. take pride in your well done finished job stuff! yay ❤

Rule No 1

how to be happy at school

  1. have a schedule and pay attention to it, don’t write things you know you really won’t do, because those will drag you down
  2. do your homework, or some of it, try to improve your skills on what you think you really want to
  3. try to seem self-confident, even if it’s not so, and stay out of problems, just in the first days, or months..
  4. smile, smile, smile, fuck tears. those suck, I know T_T
  5. go to sleep early and if you have problems sleeping, try finding out what’s bothering you and if that doesn’t work, try drinking some tea or taking some pills… that will definitely help a little!
  6. whatever those kids say, don’t listen, keep your heap up and your standards high!
  7. pay attention to the class, and try talking to some of your classmates about the subject, ask something, make the first step to – perhaps – a new friendship
  8. if there is a class that you really feel like failing, then, take in consideration some meditations or ask another mate 😉
  9. invite somebody over, whether it’s for homework or just blabbing and gossiping around, never mind
  10. don’t skip too many classes, always try to be yourself and the most important: be sociable 🙂

how to be happy in life

"don't give a fuck" they said.

Injure Kisses Slowley

  1. be optimistic and show your guts, follow your dreams, no matter how tough that seems
  2. yoga, a lot of yoga. also, manage to earn the ‘living’ money! forgive, but not forget
  3. try making a few true friends, that would be there for life
  4. fake it until you feel it – smiling
  5. you need to let go of the approval of others, let those messed up idiots prattle. ENJOY what you have
  6. help others that really, truly… need your help, our help.. 🙂
  7. don’t choose money over happiness
  8. always remember that nobody knows you better than you do, so don’t let them justify your existence
  9. remind yourself that it’s normal to be discouraged sometimes, but hope dies the last!
  10. if nothing works eventually, you can always move to Iceland, as they are said to be the happiest population!


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