Greeny blue hair, Belgium air ♥

♥ - Bonsoir. Guten abend. Goede avond. Good afternoon, sugar. - ♥

animated hi smiley there! Tuesday afternoon. In less than 24 h, I’ll be in the plane, preparing for a – hopefully – amazing first journey abroad! So, instead of actually getting ready properly for tomorrow, like packing up my suitcase and stuff, I have thought I could dye my hair, so here am I with my greeny – blue-tinted hair. Well, now it looks more like blue cause of the light and cause it’s ‘fresh’, but it’s actually more like turquoise, it will get greener as it it will bleach, discolor. Well, perfect hair, I don’t care haha XD Beer bottle animated emoticon
2014-08-12 16.10.57   smiling smiley   IMG_20140812_155503_702
Now, girl meets the fucking world is ready for… light, camera, ACTION! 

See you in Belgium? xD

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