Christmalicious ♥

Christmas it’s just around the corner, sugars! The time for lots of overwhelming traditions and heart warming moments 🙂  It’s time to give, receive, decorate, cook, relax, enjoy traditions and


Indeed, everyday worries that make our routine can’t be easily forgotten just because… well, Christmas! I’m not of big fan of holidays these days, so I understand if you can’t have an open mind and heart and just forget about all and enjoy something at its peak. However, I really hope that you will get to eat a lot of sweetbread and whatever other traditional food you have there! Since we’re talking, which traditional Christmas food you have where you live? My favourite one is sweetbread, obviously. Meat is something like ‘the starring role’ usually, so as I became a vegan for 2 months now, I think, I don’t really know what I’m going to eat! Lucky me, I anyway eat as a bird. 😀 One thing I know is that just because holidays are here doesn’t mean I will stop my workout rounds! Furthermore, I’ve added more of them. Well, one has to do what one has to do, I guess. My gift list was brought off successfully since a week or so, and now I just have to do the things around the house and rest, insomniac nights have caught me from behind unfortunately and it feels ‘great’! I hope you have finished or almost finished your to do lists for this Christmas! 

I hope all of you will enjoy, if only for a while, their Christmas holiday and not only, their New Year’s eve and… your life ♥. Coming from a negative, this may sound odd, but the biggest wish I have for all fo you is for you to gain the guts and wits to fight for a change, for the will of a new generation, for goodness, love and peace. I may still live in a fantasy, but if we’d just take it step by step and be better, starting with ourselves, each part of the world shall follow too, then. This shall be my Christmasy challenge for you my sugars!

have a christmalicious beautiful holiday along the loved ones


xoxo, Zoe



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