Friday fun, weekend mood on ♥

◘ Annyeong haseyo! Konnichiwa! Bonjour! ◘

These past weeks really got me busy and considering my insomnia, it was quite exactly what I needed. Even though I didn’t have so much time to relax and blog on here [see @zoeandthepeanutbutter], i got occupied enough to stop over thinking and bad vibes shit. Also, I began again to eat so healthy as I used to before coming across my eating disorders a few months ago and now not only that I kept my vegetarian menu [minus sodas], but this week I have only eaten vegetables and fruits, with little exceptions for sweets to help me balance my glucose in stress cases. 🙂

I have also started volunteering a month ago for some lovely amazing children, plus parties, daily ordinary work and reading plus yoga, sport, writing – pretty much make my nowadays life. I hate routine, but right now, this one fits perfectly. I’m also thinking more seriously of adoptions. ^_^

Also, these past weekends have been quite full either, not lowering the expectations. Tomorrow another party on its way, so what do i have to do until then?! Eat healthy! Kiwi, i’m on my way! As during the night I have to relax and eat/ drink happily – and this is what I recommend to all of you. It’s better to eat a lot and happy, then a little and sad, because the last one has more chances to make you gain weight than the other. leave stress out – during the rest of this Saturday I have to eat a kiwi anytime I am hungry, or a teaspoon of honey or foam from mom’s new strawberry jam, whose preparation i only got to help at the end, when having to store it. I love the process of sweet baking or jam or pretty much anything that’s a dessert.

Book of the week: If I stay by Gayle Forman

Movie of the week: Honeymoon for one

Series of the week: Skins UK season 5

Song of the week: Loic Nottet‘s cover for Diamonds [Rihana]

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