Online shopping, tea and gingerbread ♥

hey there sugars ♥


The weekend is over again [am i the only one who thins that this repeated situation is weird or, to put it in a nutshell, am i weird for feeling it’s weird to start the same thing again like that moment when the cassette is broken and keeps on playing the same lyrics on the tape?]. Monday is here [AGAIN] and i have to admit that the week started pretty well. I have had a great driving lesson today, but this is not why I am writing now. Just made my very first totally adorable online shopping session [and I am quite happy, even more]. Oh and t happens that I [by chance] ordered 3 things, jinkees i am really obsessed with this number [dunno why], i always happen to stumble across it somehow o.o

Here is the *plants are friends* T-shirt I have bought from TEDISU shop, free shipping! [yayy and cheers to that, considering the long travel to my country this T-shirt will have to make, well, anyway, what can i say. . . you know what they all say: *no matter how scary [or long] the journey may seem, never be afraid to chase your dreams* and this is exactly what this T-shirt is doing! haha xD].

Now, the other thing i have ordered [and seriously can’t wait to get it!] is a cleanser from Bare Bones Body care. All products are vegan and cruelty free! How cool’s that? Well, firstly, [i have to say] that what got my attention, was not the description. As i was scrolling on STORENVY, i saw some skulls, and we’re talking about me here, how could have i just let those pretty adorable skulls get away from me? ^_^ Then, when i entered Bare Bones Body care store I have seen that every product is vegan. . . And as I am a vegetarian [someday will hopefully on the right part of veganism, couldn’t ignore this].

Now, the last, but not the least, my final purchase! Bunny tights ♥ Seen there is a new trend between  . . . everyone around the globe?! But I am talkign about the cat tights now . . . of course I had to naturally just start another! haha [jk!] Everybody is so obsessed with cats, so obsessed indeed that I was actually thinking of buying cat things too!, when I thought . . . why not try the same trend, but different?! 😀