Nosce te ipsum, sit vis tecum. ♥

Nosce te ipsum

It’s always the same thing, no matter how you take it or leave it. If you are beautiful, door will suddenly open, if you are not though, nobody cares. We can’t choose our looks, our appearance. We can indeed choose our style, our BEHAVIOUR, our WAY OF THINKING, our FRIENDS, we can’t choose our family or our shoe size, our body shape, but we can still be fit, or try to modelate it a little bit. That is how it goes with our twisted minds too,  as far as i think, at least. Only we can choose if we will be somebody fake, somebody good, somebody selfish or somebody new. There is always room for a change. We just have to embrace it. Why appreciate something that doesn’t depend on us? if you, anyway, choose to appreciate something like that, why not appreciate nature? She gives so much, more than anyone else could, but still, we keep on ignoring it like it wouldn’t even mind. We destroy it in order to create furniture, clothes and other ephemeral things that in the end stay in our way to happiness. We aren’t even materialistic on this one. If we were, at least we appreciated for real those things we have, but we just destroy our enchantedvsurrounding for. . . For what? life is more than beauty and wealth. It is about the beauty of our soul, the peace of our mind, the wealth of our knowledge and the effort and passion we put in everyday moments. Sit vis tecum.

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