Night [mare] before Christmas ♥


Drawing of a man with a pulled-up collar and pulled-down hat walking alone on a street watched by a group of well-dressed men behind him

Hello hello. Soon to be Christmas, but to me doesn't quite feel like it, am I the only one? 'corse not! 😀 Never been a fan of holidays anyway, except for Halloween. That is the only exception since I've known myself. Anyway, as to me Halloween si more like daily, rather than just a once time per year holiday, as you may have already guessed, I'm a big horror movies fan. So these days, I was supposed to do so many things for this holidays routine rush, instead I chose to watch a movie.. and guess which one?! Jack the Ripper. No, not the one from 2001, with JD.. the other one, the previous one. Initially, i thought i found the one with Johnny Depp, but when I saw it was another one, well it didn't disturb me much. . . thing is that one consists in two parts, thing i didn't know when i started to watch it. So, even though I was supposed to go somewhere and organised *asithought* my time just in time for the movie and go right after, but when it was supposed to finish well guess what once more?! It said: TO BE CONTINUED. . . So, I just stayed home a little more to see the second part and be late *it's not much like me to not be in time or be late, I'm usually the one who arrives first*. As you may already know, Jack the Ripper was a famous anonymous ♥ serial ♥ killer *and no, I'm not working at the police and I'm not a detective either, I'm just truly obsessed with serial killers, murders, occult things and anything that may seem bizarre*.  Canonically, he is supposed to have mutilated 5 women, why they were still alive *hue hue cruel, right* and watch them die, sadistically. From what I know, 4 aged around 40 and one around 20.
  1.   Buck’s Row, site of the murder of Mary Ann Nichols.
  2.   Two views of the back yard of 29 Hanbury Street in 1967. The lower view, facing the rear of the house, is the location of or close to the location of where Annie Chapman’s body was found.
  3.   Mortuary photograph of Elizabeth Stride. She was 5 feet 2 inches tall, was missing her front upper teeth, and had curly dark brown hair, light grey eyes and a pale complexion.
  4.   Mortuary photograph of Catherine Eddowes after post-mortem stitching.
  5.  Police photograph of the body of Mary Jane Kelly [the younger one] as discovered at 13 Miller’s Court.

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