All alone ♥

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent.

Any ideas who said that?
You guessed well, Eleanor Roosevelt, the first lady of US, politician, activist, diplomat. Later, she also had the privilege, the well deserved one – i can say, to be called the first lady of the world, due to her human rights achievements.
But not all of us have the chance in life. . to be the first lady, or to be a politician, to be rich, or to be a diplomat. And that brings me to what i wanted to talk to you about in the first place.

We get up in the morning every single day, we brush our teeth, eat breakfast – or just drink some tea and coffee, go to work; school; or whatever you do, maybe just stay home if you’re unfortunately unemployed or single, or perhaps. . fortunately. and then what? We don’t all get the chance to get on that train, start a magnificent journey, meet magnificent people and just giddy up, do something spectacular. I wonder why are we even here. Is this like a sadistic sims game? Are we just some puppets? Is this all just for entertainment? IF no, hopefully no – I mean, then why is this?

The more i think about it. The more i get nausea. Why do things turn out as they eventually do? Why do some get things all done and some strive and don’t find an answer? Is that strive just a sick imagination behind the laziness in us? Is happiness really true? Anyhow, it’s just about the bliss of the moment. What happens when we die? And what is death, in fact? WHy is everyone so scared of it, anyway?

This reminds me of a movie, out of context, i have recently seen, I’m sure you’ve heard of it, too, as it’s made the box office top alongside Suicide Squad, and that is: Sausage Party. There, all the food in the world, from supermarkets and so on, was so excited to be taken by the so called ‘gods’ which where actually, us, the humans. They have been misguided their whole life that they were about to be chosen once and then being taken care of by people, their whole life. Truth was, they were only going to get killed and eaten alive, in some cases, if not, being boiled or fried. oh man. fries ♥ Well, for two days, i couldn’t really eat anything, but drink water and hot chocolate and coffee and still feel guilty because of the movies, even though I truly madly enjoyed it. Well, that lasted about two days, as I told you, then i started eating like a mad person. This was all out of context anyway. What i was actually trying to say was that as these products were happy to be taken despite the fact that only brought their end sooner, so are we, unhappy to die, but what if that is our release?

ugh. nausea again. here is a song to think on, as background sound, call it soundtrack for your deep thoughts, that, along the hope that i DID make you think about something, something deeper than just daily stuff.

♕ Say what you wanna say ♔

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