Everything from scratch ❤

“you may haven’t been given the wings to see the world from a tree, but you’ll surely appreciate them more when you’ll get them yourself”

“You may not see it this way, but you are the finest arranged star dust you could possibly be.”

“poets and motorbikes don’t really mix, so don’t rush it, if you dont have to”

“We still have too many smiles left in us,  matter our age or our past, so as far as I m concerned, we should just give us some rest.”

“Always remember to take a picture of what is truly behind that and look at it the same way.”

“People are a strange species. They Can Find A reason To Be Sad Or Angry Anytime.”

“We are all evil in some form or another.” ~ rr

Hope you liked my photos from today, see you in Disneyland! xD