Comfort zone – in or out? ♥

Well, hello.

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I keep on hearing about this comfort zone. But do we truly know its meaning?

 The comfort zone is a psychological 
state in which things feel familiar 
to a person and they are at ease 
and in control of their environment, 
experiencing low levels of anxiety and stress.

Is it, therefore, good or bad to step out of your comfort zone?

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It’s great, indeed, to be proactive! There are many reasons you should totally step out of your comfort zone and embrace new possibilities.

  • New things always bring that steady bliss
  • You can get more creative and age better
  • You will be challenged, therefore, you will reach your peak
  • Once you start, the struggle won’t be a struggle anymore
  • You will feel more powerful and in control of your life

In a nutshell, all milk and honey, huh? Not so much. I want to bring into the eyes of those reading and not only, maybe you’ve seen with your eyes or heard with your own ears. It’s one thing to get out of your comfort zone, but it’s a total another thing to get totally out of control just to prove people the contrary or to stress yourself out.

We come across things everyday, some good, some bad, some we would like to have, some we would like to change, and yet we do nothing. Getting out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean going with the flow. Doesn’t mean revenge. Doesn’t mean doing things that creep you out just so you won’t be seen as a coward, even if you wouldn’t normally do that thing anyway. For example. There is this one man that tells you that if you jump off a bridge with him, you will be able to fly. You don’t want to do it, yet, you do, because he starts making fun of you. This is NOT stepping out of your comfort zone. Stepping out of your comfort zone doesn’t mean pleasing other people, it means you have to do things that can help you become better in order to help others do the same, it’s about your inner self growing, not falling apart.

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Let’s take other things as examples, now. Music, dance, ice skating, art – in general. Art is that one mesmerizing thing that never ceases to please the viewer, am i right or am i right? Me, I am a big fan of sports, especially ice skating and ski jumping. And from what i have seen, they all take risks, it’s true, but only when they feel they are able to, when they are confident and happy with their choice. They don’t just do that jump if another did it, too, if they aren’t sure they can do it. They please our eyes with grace and the ice with small steps that feel, maybe, a little like tickles. They are great in what they do, and their “stepping out of their comfort zone” means more work day by day to succeed. Now, let’s take singers. They all sing what suits their voice, because otherwise they would end up sounding creepy, no matter how great their voice is. Imagine James from Metallica singing Billie Jeans or Adelle singing Young Nigga. That wouldn’t sounds too good, now, would it? Therefore, they manage to please our ears and the atmosphere around by doing what they are great at, as good as they can, they are giving their best everyday and not by stepping out of their comfort zone by singing inappropriate songs or melodies, because contrary to some, i repeat, stepping out of your comfort zone means that you are on your way to growing, not doing things you don’t like or aren’t good at just because some @$^@ said. 🙂 You dream, you hope. You do your best and wait for that wish to come true. You smile and believe. You work, you try, you become the change.

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A famous experiment conducted on mice in 1908 by Robert M. Yerkes and John D. Dodson found that stimulation could improve performance, but only to a certain extent. Performance was improved up to the level of “optimal anxiety” — beyond that level, there was too much stress, and performance dropped. What’s now called the “Yerkes-Dodson Law” refers to the curve of performance peaking at the point of optimal anxiety, and lowering with both too little and too much anxiety. “When demands become too great for us to handle, when the pressure overwhelms us, too much to do with too little time or support, we enter the zone of bad stress,” author Daniel Goleman writes in Psychology Today. “Just beyond the optimal zone at the top or the performance arc, there is a tipping point where the brain secretes too many stress hormones, and they start to interfere with our ability to work well, to learn, to innovate, to listen, and to plan effectively.”

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Clearly, some, actually too many, don’t make this difference and “corrupt” others onto following wrong paths, too. Because, you know, here is another mistake we sure all make, too. Wrong paths don’t always mean drugs or murder, they also mean going against your will. But don’t worry, your heart and brain are yours and will forgive you and stay with you until you decide for the best and go chase it. Well, in the end they don’t really have much to choose, so yes, they stick with you. 🙂 😀

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Now, whenever you are ready, start your path. You can grow, too.

  1. Be aware of it.
  2. See failure as a teacher, worse or better, but a teacher that will help you with your baby steps.
  3. Be honest. With yourself, first things first.
  4. Focus and stay motivated.
  5. Push the boundaries.

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