Sweet home, indeed ♥

Well, hello.


Hello hello my dear sugars. – just so you know, i call you sugars to show my love for the lovely people who find time to read my thoughts, view my photographs and share their time with me through my posts, but i would so eat a big bag of chips right now –

I want to share with you something that came on the news a few days ago, but i didn’t got the chance to write about how inspiring it was, yet, till now. So, this girl, a lovely thoughtful waitress, apparently from Alabama, got a huge tip from one of her clients and what did she thought, in spite of the human nature nowadays? She wanted to carry on with the nice action her clients managed to do, and she spent those moment on the meals of others, other people who where in need of some affection, as we all are, other people who where in need of a hot meal, a good soup or maybe just a nice coffee to start the day with. She remembered to tell people of her friendly clients and with the grateful feeling she had, made others carry on the action of giving. These days, also, was Thanksgiving, so maybe, subconsciously, i waited till now to share with you, guys, about the meaning, the truly meaning of being grateful. Anything done by heart can brighten anyone’s life. Don’t let other change you, be the change!

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