Midnight thoughts ♥

Imagine flowers, yellow, and girl

Darkness – surrounding

all kind of feelings

tears fall on the cheek.

The night comes

Silence – the moon is up

Today is gone.

Imagine book, autumn, and leaves

Dreams upon us

Contain the world

Ruling the ephemeral.

In my dreams –

I shall find you

You shall find me.

Cele mai populare etichete pentru această imagine includ: book, girl, forest, reading şi nature

Eyes – no longer true

No longer happy

Ephemeral drops.

Inconsistency –

Of humans and monsters

living to please.

Imagine alternative, best friends, and creepy

Choices – no longer our

No longer real

No longer choices.

Peculiar children –

turned into adults

who forgot how to live.

Imagine the darjeeling limited