Blue monday ♥

Well, hello.

quick question! why settle for this. .

Imagini pentru monday

when you can be open minded and settle for optimism?

Imagini pentru monday

So, get up! It’s time to change your life and the life of others

  1. step one. Stretch. And smile. And then rewind.
  2. step two.. Always dress up just as you feel. Forget about the weather forecast for today, who cares, really?! I always say that. I mean, just remember how many times they said it would rain and bang! nothing.. so, instead of keeping that lovely comfy blouse you got there, and switch it for a itchy jumper, dress just as you feel and i guarantee you that you won’t feel hot or cold, because you will be too busy feeling good!
  3. step three… Drink something, anything! If you are a coffee sucker, than today, i suggest you add some whipped cream onto that or why not, some cinnamon?! I add this to almost everything except salty foods, even though i think about adding it there too!
  4. step four…. Listen to some music, but be very careful which! I’m not referring here to a certain type, but to something cheerful, you like. You may also create a morning playlist, why not and put it on shuffle. Also check out this
  5. step five….. clean your shoes.
  6. step six…… be sure to put the things back in their order, even if you live by yourself, even if you live with your family, it’s so much better when you come home to a tidy place!
  7. step seven……. well, just enjoy your Monday and try to make the best of it! Because if you are the type of person that believes that the way you start, so it shall continue, then make sure it starts out great!

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