Versus ♥

Well, hello.

How are you guys handling your daily business through all these Christmas decorations and yearly chaotic things? Hope good.

Me and my family have already decorated the house, and i have to admit that i do take into consideration very much decorations and such stuff when it comes to almost all known Holidays, even though I am not a big fan of them – cut out Halloween, that is my one and only ♥ – from what i can say, i actually quite dislike holidays and my birthday, or birthdays in a nutshell.

Why – you might ask. Well, it’s not just my dislike for things like these, but for over estimated ones in a nutshell. For example, there is this new dessert in town, which everbody seems to totally be a sucker for. And why – this might I ask. Just because it’s new? Well, yes, this is my answer. I mean there are all these things that people tend to fall for just because it’s a *herd* thing to do, i would say. I recall those cakes that still exist, since I was a little child, and well, yes, those are still dope. But all these new things, okay, while they are at the beginning it’s cool to try’em,  but let’s take a moment to appreciate all those things that deserve to be appreciated and improve those who aren’t quite like that:

  • hand made things and why not – food – there is literally nothing like my mother’s cooked meals, i swear she is great at cooking, and although all of you would say that about your mother, i have to push this further and praise my mom, but i am sure you would too, if you tasted her food, everybody does
  • old school teachers that know how to earn respect and show it, too
  • quality elegant clothes and quality polite people that seem to be fewer nowadays
  • old music
  • animals, even stray animals, praise them, poor things to be caught in world like ours
  • those who aren’t yet corrupt, or too corrupt may i say
  • good books that can still make absolutely anyone love them and become a bookworm
  • rain
  • people who besides there sadness manage to make others smile and still be good despite all the bad they happened to stumble across
  • good movies
  • actors like Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Meryl Streep, Edward Sherman, Johnny Depp
  • open minded people
  • nice people who take into consideration more than your looks or money or what you try to be and look beyond just that
  • people who adopt children
  • people who know to have a real talk without expecting just to talk or just to listen and those who don’t get angry, those who truly understand you
  • waffles makers/ irons – this was definitely God’s work of art
  • people who understand that even if you stayed in bed for the last 10 hours that doesn’t mean you are fresh – just because you had a not that cool sleep
  • parents who understand and support

Imagine lost, grunge, and sad