Frida Friday 3 ♥

well, hello.

This friday i have a recommendation, 3 facts – as this is the third post and one special photo of Frida paiting, in order to beautifully close this Friday’s chapter! ☺

 click on the pic!

  1. She once dreamed of being a doctor! Who would’ve thought? Well, medicine is definitely the greatest art of them all if you do it properly, it’s only the knowledge type that makes the difference i think.

  2. She had heart issues and undergone around 30 surgeries, also, i heard that once she arrived with the ambulance at one of her exhibitions.

  3. Her marriage scattered pain and paintings through which Frida has shown the relationship through her perspective, also, she grieved the children she never had. Well, i think this is something all women or men do, due to the society. I believe that not everyone is meant or must be a parent. Also, i encourage adoption, because why not? If you can’t have children, why not share your affection to somebody who can’t have a parent? Many people who are kind of against adoptions i think should take this into consideration. As for the paintings the marriage inspired, well, i guess all artists are truly inspired from their love life from what i see. I guess Taylor Swift has taken it from here, huh?

AND NOW, to enclose the Frida chapter, here is the beautiful pic that shall be enough for a beautiful ending. Hope God will help us reach our inner peace, find our balance and explode through our own and unique talent, that i am sure is in each of us, in order to change this world in good. ☺

Mexican painter Frida Kahlo works on her now-famous "Portrait of My Father" in 1951. As well-known for her independence as she is for her portraits, Kahlo is the subject of a new book containing never-before-seen pictures of her private life. <a href="" target="_blank">"Frida Kahlo: The Gisele Freund Photographs" is published by Abrams</a> and offers an intimate glimpse inside the world of the late artist.

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