The great wall 2016 ❤

Well, hello! 

This week is over. . . Yay or nay? 

Anyways, here is a quick movie recommandation to help you chill meanwhile. . . This is the movie is saw a couple hours ago. The great wall starring Matt Damon amongside Tian Jing. A great chinese kind of movie, catchy lines, great scenario, amazing actors, i bet you already knew about Matt Damon, but who knew this chinese new comer would be such a babe? Her role in the army was amazing, i loved how the men and women, both had the same rights. Also, the plot was really good, you will definitely be kept on the edge of the seat through out most of the movie. So, make sure to write it down your movie list! worth it ✅💯✔☑ and Don’t forget To Check Me Out On INsta @zoeandthepeanutbutter Or Snap Teeo.zoe For daily News! take Care Xx have A good Week!