Healthy eating ❤

It’s been, i think, more than 2 years since I have become a vegetarian and i love it. Lately, my food was actually, on my way to veganism, except for some sweets that contain eggs and milk and my grilled cheese sandwiches. I mean, donuts need me too, as much as i need them and a donut from time to time didn’t kill nobody. Or 2, or 3, but hey, that is not my point. 😁😁 The point is that i love eating healthy and i just made myself a big’o bowl full of fresh smootie and thought i would share today’s recipe with you 👌 and not only today’s + yesterday’s and other ideas i have tried. #animalcrueltyfree #happy #vegetarian and a mega #fruitlover lately ❤

  1. Today’s big treat: one banana, one huge pear, one big peach and 3 strawberries
  2. Yesterday’s decent glass of rainbow: banana, strawberries and a nectarine
  3. Other recipe i tried: banana, apple, orange (this one is more juicy due to the orange)
  4. Banana (no, i can’t seem to replace this, and when i think i used to hate these. . . Ha ha), peanut butter (2 tbsp), milk, kiwi (also kiwi is one of the fruits that helps you if you want to lose weight and also, it tastes amazing)


    take care, xx Zoe xD

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