My kind of morning ❤

Smoothie of the day! 

  • Two bananas (heaps of proteins!)
  • One nectarine
  • One orange (i added a little one this time)
  • And 4 little strawberries (cut them if you choose them bigger, so they can all fit in the blender)

    Oh and ps: this was a short insta article (@zoeandthepeanutbutter) from today’s morning, but i drink smoothies like 2-3 per day or almost daily. 🙂 These are super healthy and give you pretty much all the nutritive things you need. You don’t need to eat meat or idk what other things in order to get them. 

    I have read in one of my medicine books that to feel “full” doesn’t mean to eat all the nasty and not that healthy things around until you feel the satiety. But! – to offer all the nutrients your organism really needs.

    Also, i always say that a donut a day didn’t hurt nobody haha. 😀 i always believed that eating when being angry or upset doesn’t help at all, not even to make you feel better. So take care, xx Zoe xD