Spring, refresh? ❤

Well, hello sugars! I know it’s already Sunday and none of us Is too excited knowing Tomorrow is Monday, but i use to Always say Hi To Tomorrow, eager for the New, FRESH Beginnings!

SO, cheers to the new beginnings! Spring is here, and actually tomorrow is the first monday from March, thus, no time for blue monay, monday morning breakdown (quiet riot – check them out!) or anything like that! well, maybe the well known cliche but first coffee/ tea/ hot cocoa (also check out my post about the benefits of drinking coffee or tea bring you – *are you a coffee or a tea person), but that one cliche is kind of welcomed any day, so we’ll take it into consideration, but as i said, spring is here, no time for blue mondays!  

  • To have nice fresh start, i thought i could make – probably for the very first time – a brief cute post about some products i would like to recommend! No, not make up, but something natural and healthy!

  1. The green tea essence mask! off the record- i will try it this afternoon. 😁 now, one more benefit coming from the tea, and one of my fav in fact! ⚪this one is for lifting, ultra hydrating, containing licorice root,  enriched with vit E- which is good fr your imunity. It’s not tested on animals and it should be kept on your face around 15-20 mins. Thanks God, for inventing green tea! ❤
  2. Another peel off mask from my Kendra Cosmetics package is the tea tree deep cleansing one! lucky me – this one contains two masks! 😁 Going back to my obsession for tea benefits, this one has tea tree extract. It’s also great for refining and cleaning your skin. Forget about the acne, the tons of make up, be you, be natural, use the tea tree peel off mask! 
  3. Least but not last, the big nightmare for both types of people – acne or no acne – blackheads are always with us ❤ 😁 So, i guess you have already heard about the nose pore strips, which instantly clean clogged pore, help you get rid f blackheads and also enriched with aloe extracts. All of these three products must be kept only 15-20 minutes, and although i tend to leave some products – such as hue or hair dye ammonia free more than they say so i can make sure it will last longer to the lack of ammonia which is ite harmless – i do not recommend that these three should be hold more than the average 15- max 20 minutes! 

Therefore, thanks Kendra and thank you dear God for the nice weather from today that made me so outgoing. Haha xD

Also, as i am ready for spring and all the new things 2017 will bring – as it is thought to be an amazing year for all beginnings – i also bought myself a lovely fengshui alike decoration, which you can see in the first photo. I am a sucker for elephants as they are quite an important element in fengshui culture, alongside owls and turtles. I just happened to tumble upon a lovely place with handmade bargains, which, in my opinion, for all the work those people offer, handmade tuff is not enough appreciated and way too cheap. But anyway, i encourage as many people as i can to buy handmade things in order to appreciate others talents and creativity! 

And to sum up, forget about me doing a brief recommendation post, this is not quite brief, well at least i tried haha. Here is a quick shot of my new dream catcher necklace! i am an animal lover and a feathers fan. Sometimes, i collect the feathers my parrot leaves behind, but i haven’t made up my mind yet on what to do with them, i just keep them near some roses i received and kept them withered – i know withered flowers aren’t good for the house’s atmosphere – but f* that! 

Anyway, i was looking for a dream catcher neklace for a while, but i didn’t find one i would like, until now. 😁 i usually tend to have a style inclined towards tomboy – don’t need nothing more than to feel comfy! – with some shades of hippie and rock style! 

Well, now i will just sit and enjoy a mousse cake and then try my new mask! Enjoy your sunday, take care, xx Zoe xD

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