Versatile Blogger Award ♥

Well, hello, sugars ♥

I am so glad to find out i have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. It’s my first time being nominated for this award and the joy is as boundless as it was for every award. ♥ First things, first! I want to thank to lovely Jess so much for nominating me, i appreciate it! – check her out, btw! 

Imagini pentru the versatile blogger award

Imagini pentru the versatile blogger award

Imagini pentru the versatile blogger awardDisplay the award.


  1. Thank the person who gave this award. Once more, thankies Jess, your blog rocks!! xx ♥
  2. Share seven things about yourself… ♥
  3. Nominate other awesome bloggers! ♥

Well, in case i didn’t already make your head pop yet, here you are some other [7] things about moi. . . Maybe you’ll find yourself on here, either get bored or idk. . . well, anyway, make sure to check out Jess’s blog, my nominees blogs and mine too for more odd posts, with love, always. xx ♥
  1. I have been a vegetarian for 3 years and yes, you can get your proteins from stuff other than meat, too – and he*l yes, i love it! ☻ Though, don’t you think i am that healthy vegetarian type, oh no, i have a – rather too wide i would say – category of different types of food i eat at any time of the day. ☺
  2. I have insomnia. 
  3. I loved Sims since the first time i played it and i am not too much of a gamer.
  4. I sometimes like to buy random decorative bargains and gift them to random people as well. ♥
  5. I love photography, there is no day when i go out, that goes by without a long walk and at least 2 stops for photography. Today i found another one of my fav – abandoned junkies ♥ Post coming up tomorrow, stay tuned and check out @zoeandthepeanutbutter aaand hope dream wait
  6. I love cactuses.
  7. The logo of my blog harmony respect purity was inspired from an amazing book, related to asian culture of course, that i have read and that i would also like to recommend to you! TEA MASTER BY Yasushi Inoue

Imagini pentru nominees

  1. Just me Joana
  2. A trace of lace
  3. Grief poetry
  4. Simple Serenity
  5. Simple Repose
  6. Food on the table
  7. Oriana’s notes
  8. The bottom of a bottle
  9. Vintage45’s blog
  10. The August Clause

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