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My healthy dose ❤

Being vegetarian is not only a way of showing live towards animals, but also a way of showing love towards yourself, by eating things that improve your health, your immunity and lifestyle. So be wise.

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Hippie vibes, always ❤

Not hipster like, but into all that hippie vibe!  Go for the positive mind And the healthy kind Creative lives And lovely on the both sides ❤ Take care, xx  Sending all the greetings and nice vibes towards you, always, Zoe xD @Zoeandthepeanutbutter

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Nature escape ❤

Hey you! Yea, you. You know what is really great and breath taking? No, not exactly the money. The fashion or material things. I mean yes, they are important. But they don't do it all, at least not for me. What is really great is what brings you the inner peace you seem to need… Continue reading Nature escape ❤

daily zoey

Throwback ❤

... to rainy days, wait. It's still rainy... Where did all the heat go, tho'? Well, never mind, i will always enjoy walking through rain ❤ So, quit complaining sugars and feel the rain. Release the anger. Exhale the stress and you know, inhale all the fresh air and give in to positivity. 🍷