Pray for mother nature ❤

Hello again, sugars. So, do you ever . . . I mean yes, of course, we all do. You know, that moment when you are bored or intrigued, whether you do have something to do or not, but still choose to surf the web in search for some news? Well, i often look for things that i already know about and want to find out more, but sometimes i find myself surfing the web in search of news, too. So, here it is, one about Nepal. 

Why post about Nepal and what is coming next? 

Well, i have a very good answer. 🙂

Firstly, the news i happened to run into is about people defending a river and it is definitely not the first time i stumble upon such news about people threatening nature like that. Do you have any idea of how mother nature can use her force and revenge?

Why should we all accept the conseauences of some people’s irrational actions? Why couldn’t we all just be sensitive and sensible, all in the same time? 

Secondly, beside the fact that i want to bring nature in the spotlight once more on my blog, as the start of April has come forward, i also happened to see that i had some views from Nepal! And i thought, why not share my daily news on here, and make a point + thank my visitors for their time spent on here with a post regarding something that may affect them as well?

Here i go. 🙂

Trishuli river, Nepal

In Nepal, some volunteers are braving threats to save a river – but it may seem like a losing battle, once more. Appearantly, a group has been defending the Trishuli river from exploitation – as you may have heard before, not once or twice, in quite too many regions of the world – but it seems that their success is somewhere far in the last decade. 

Rafting and Campaigning

From what i recall, a campaign has been launched – yay! The organisers said that rafting was conducted in order to attract youths to campaign and also have fun, by keeping Trishuli neat and clean. Tourism entrepreneurs fear that Trishuli river may lose its visitors because of the increasing contamination of the river, despite Trishuli is considered the safest river for rafting in Nepal. Well, i hope that soon enough the problem will be solved and the river will be saved. My thoughts are with you and Mother Nature.