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Wednesday Wraps ❤

Hello hello, the middle of the week calls for some relaxation. Get your coffee/ tea cup and let’s bring it on!

#1 blueberry and the Always here green tea extract Deep Clean & antioxidant 2 in 1 treatment

#2 Effective For Hydrating, enriched And Here To Revutalize you skin. Contains: coenzyme Q10, Vit E and Of course, my Beloved green tea extract.

#3 You did notice i Am obsessed With 3, didn’t you? well It Is Just Pure coincidence. 🙂 Well, although this one may have a green Wrap, it Does Not Contain Green Tea. But, grace To The Olive Oil And The Bit Of Vit E and Collagen, your skin Will Be As New Afterwards.

Remember 15-25 Mins And For More Info Check Out My Other Posts: Spring, Refresh? And Are You A coffee Or A tea Person?

take care, xx Zoe xD


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