Who said only Thursdays are for throwbacks? ❤


Hello there, sugars! I don’t know if i mentioned this before, but besides 60s movies, i am quite a fan of everything that yells antique or another period and so on. I love antique shops and everytime i find myself near one, i have to enter and i usually buy anything, not too expensive, though, because i am not a collectionar myself, but i love having old things. I actually own some photos of my family, that date from even 100 years ago. Anyway, here you are some photos that i happened to find at the beginning of my gallery (phone taken) and this used to be my favorite antique shop, althogh i couldn’t visit it too often, because it wasn’t in my town, and now it doesn’t exist anymore because i asked the locals about it, so i want to share with you the lovely things you could find there! 

I hope You Will Enjoy Them as much As I did. I always Thought Things And Places Like These have The Capacity To Bring Us To Another Dimension, where  The Way Of perceiviNg Things changes.