Feta Cheese Salad . . . ❤

Good morning to you ❤ Am i the only one who totally forgot that Easter is about to come? Well, seemingly, yes. Anyway, this thursday i got a day off from everything, but still i promised to take some hours to catch up with some things i feel like i left undone and i suggest you do the same. I mean, don’t we all love that feeling when we get things perfectly done? ❤ Anyway, i got up pretty early even so, because i had to buy something really urgent from the market and it can only be found in the morning . . . So here i go, brush my teeth, change my pjs – wonder how i got the energy to do that 😁 and went out. My hair was pretty lazy itself and i was quite grumpy, but damn – the weather so nice, it made me smile so i took a little walk too, before coming back and relaxing. Checked my emails, my instagram, any messages – thank god there weren’t too many today, or at least anything important – and now here i am, enjoying my veggie salad ❤ and watching some nice series. #Thuglife But hey, it’s spring and new events are on the way, well the most important is that we all get some time to relax and release the stress we gained. How the f* is this new society so stressed? I mean. . .how comes that a few years ago everything was way more NOT that stressful? Anyway, here goes my almost daily food pic. . .and the recipe down here ^_^ nothing too fancy, believe me, but the taste 😍 and don’t worry, it’s made pretty much all of healthy stuff 🍴

🍴🍲: garlic, feta cheese, salad, olives, soyballs(cuz i don’t eat meat, but trust me, they taste great), soy sauce, lemon juice and one slice of lemon too 🙂