TheCramm Blog Award and an early tgif ♥

hello sugars. 

It’s a perfect way to end Thursday – almost – and welcome Friday and the lovely special weekend coming ahead, by writing another blogger award post. It’s the first time I have been nominated for TheCramm blog award and i am really excited to write this totally new post. 🙂 Thank you very much Azra – Simple Serenity –  for this kind nomination – your blog is one of my all time fav! This lovely award was created by Liv creator of TheCramm website, check them out!

Now, let’s get moving!

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  1. Include a little bit about who created this award (with a link) and mention the person the who nominated you. Related image
  2. Share 3 things that motivate you to blog and share 3 people that motivate you to blog as well.
  3. Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world.
  4. Answer your challenge question.
  5. Nominate your choice of bloggers and give them a challenge question.

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  • My purpose to spread positivity around one way or another.
  • All the odd and shitty things that happen around the world and all the good things that keep us hoping and doing our best for mother nature and for those surrounding us.
  • My absolute daily love – or better said obsession –  for photography and writing about all stuff that cross my mind.

  • All you lovely sugars pretty much motivate me to post. 1) -> 2) Tez – Teresa Palmer – and her Your Zen Life blog! and last, but not least – this one may come as a surprise – but I just love Gary Pepper Girl! Yes, i bet you would say how comes? what? I mean, I would say the same as I am not a big fashion fan or blogger, but her blog and instagram as well, are quite some inspiring pages, for me at least!

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Inspiring other and being inspired by others – which anyway you would take, would make somebody smile and feel grateful or glad. Be good. ☺

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What is your best quality that people notice immediately when they meet you?

Well, I am not really sure and I don’t know if I am in the right position to say that – no, actually I will re phrase this one – if not me, then who? Yep, I will say it as it’s from my perspective and as I know myself the best, as all of you do, always remember that. You know yourself the best.
Back to my challenge q’s! I think that my shyness, my honesty and the fact that I always try to see the best in quite all the people and situations in a citizen’s daily life.
In a nutshell.
I am here to cheer you up, even when your days are blue. Well, if me and my cheering don’t do it . . . then I suggest you try watching Baby Daddy. . . that’s it! I’m done.

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Not Just Sassy On The Inside

Jess & Jana

David Snape and friends

Interesting Literature

Mariella Triathlete’s Kitchen

Cauldrons and Cupcakes

And the challenge q’s for my nominees is . . . *drums* *clap* *trumpets*

How do you define right and wrong, thus are we all indeed equal?

haha . . . 2 in 1? yep

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