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Always make sure to choose the right path for you and to stick to your principles; along the long way also make sure to enjoy the little things. Forget about all the money that you're saving, the good life will pass you by. Who knows when will we die? Or how? Of if there is… Continue reading 2 ❤

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Caramel sweet biscuit ❤

Today it's going to be a long, but lovely day. 🙂 First, i have a course i have to attend, all morning. After that, i am meeting some old friends of mine and we will have to catch up a lot, sincer we haven't seen each other for more than a couple of months. :-)… Continue reading Caramel sweet biscuit ❤

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2 – 1 ❤

Quick mood update: hyped with today's match! I'm not sure if i am truly a big fan of football, but i do get excited like i would be, for sure! My fav players are Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the well known, awesome player, bosnian croatian, from Sweden, playing at Manchester United and the absolutely lovely afro haired… Continue reading 2 – 1 ❤