Spring outfits: yellow or black? ❤

I am not quite excellent at this fashion posts, but meh, from time to time, you got to try something new. So. Here i go. Thought i would re new my wardrobe, as spring is already here. And, i think that pastel and neon colors are a good choice, if you have the proper attitude or suitable clothes to fit them. In the end, i always think that everything goes down to the attitude. No not the giddy up or having the guts, but the attitude that expresses yourself best and shows what is best in you. Well, i think i will stay on the black things side, but yellow will always be one of my fav neon colo choices. Actually, despite being a fan of more sober clothes, my fav winter coat is yellow and everytime somebody sees me wearing it, tells me that i have great style and sense for colors, when in fact, underneath i am all black. Haha xx xD What colir would you choose though? I heard pastels are great yhis season and i have to admit that they really go well with spring blossoming, indeed! For more, check out @zoeandthepeanutbutter on instagram. Take care, xx Zoe XD