Education for a better situation ❤

Life is nice. It’s pretty good actually when you know how to live it properly. I strongly believe that education, common sense and kindness are somethings that everybody must have. I don’t believe that there is any excuse for not being kind, not being a good citizen or not respecting different things in life.

  • A few day ago, i was walking down the street, all in a hurry, when i heard an odd, disturbing conversation. Some people were talking about nowadays education, jobs, manual work and so on.
  • The problem goes like this. One of them was firmly convinced that college is a thing that only rich people can afford. Are you serious? Is that his excuse for talking the way he did and for not attending classes and so on?
  • True. We all use excuses sometimes. But i believe that we have to be careful not to offend somebody who was in that  situation by the things we say, without any knowledge. I know i am careful, at least, i try to.
  • College, education, exams… aren’t for rich people. For genius types. We are all beautiful, smart, in need of a good education and good people around us. So stop complaining, try expressing your feelings properly towards those who listen you and help you as you should to. 

Be the change, when others find excuses.

Be original, when all act the same.. just to fit it and not be criticised.

Be good, when your world is falling apart.. maybe somebody else’s is, too and your kind words will ease their day, as well as make you feel prouder.




Take care, xx Zoe xD

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