Comic con, part 1 ❤

Hello there, sugars! I hope your weekend was nice and long enough for you to relax and manage to finish pretty much all you wanted to do. 🙂 

Now, i don’t know if you are a gamer or a fan of any comics, anime or series such as Game of Thrones. I am i am not.. not a big fan. But. I always wanted to participate at the comic con, for all the cosplay involved – such creative people!!; for the games i got to play with lovely people and for the nice things you could find there. 

The East European Comic Con took place this weekend + on friday, at Romexpo, in Bucharest. The organisation was quite awesome, despite the fact that there were indeed so many people, that at one point, if you got out of the building, you weren’t allowed to enter back, for some minutes, or at least not on the same side, due to the large amount of people.

There were all kinds of things there, paradise, i swear. Games. Food. Posters. Comics. Books. Music related stuff – rock, metal and asian – yaaaaaas! Cosplay. Contests. Vr games. Gifts. Clothes. Deco stuff. Yoyo factory and related stuff. Actors. Artists. Tattoo stands. Nice people!

And at the end of the day…… cuz i have to  tell you, i spent 10 hours there, i do not know though, when the time passed, although, at the end of the day, i felt quite tired of al the crowd and walking and heat around, but it was damn worth it!…… the moon was waiting or us, what a beautiful way to end a perfect day! 

If you have ever been to the comic con i am waiting for your thoughts and opinions on it!

if not, i suggest you go next year, you will enjoy it, i bet!