16 things to do in Brasov ❤

Recently, i have travelled to Brasov, the  great Hollywood of Romania. One of the most beautiful cities, where you can find a variety of people, of styles, truly amazing architecture, lovely antique stores, fortune cookies, tasty donuts and where you can take long nice walks.

  • One of the very first things you should do here is visit the central square. You will find lots of people there, admiring the place. You will simply love the atmosphere.

          • 2nd thing you will find yourself doing: enjoying the architecture. Here on the left, the majestic pink beautiful and artsy one is my fav building.

          • Visit the Black Church. 
          • See the Rope Street – one of  narrowest alleys!

          • Also, see the Johann Gott street, this one is my fav, for no reason. 
          • Visit the Brasov Zoo.

            • Visit the Noua Park&Lake.

            • Walk around the forest. Be one with the nature, find your inner peace, meditate, walk along and release the fury, inhale the fresh air.

            • Check out the antique stores! Always amazing to find out lovely old stories and buy old stuff that has an amazing history. Every place where i find an antique store suddenly becomes a dear place of mine, guaranteed. 
            • Try a drink at one of the nicest cafes in town, Tucano cafe! Different types of coffee AND tea, lovely scone, board games, books, nice staff, beautiful music and an atmosphere according to the previous description!

            • Around the Dramatic Theatre if i recall well, there is a big street, paralel to that amazing building, where you will find a small shop, actually a sweets shop – quick.


            1. If you don’t want to spend all your money, right after quick, there is a super cheap pizza bar.
            2. If you do want to spend your money and relax a little more, then you have to try any of the places that you can find in old center, next to he square, or why not one of the 2-3 you can find right in the middle of it and also enjoy the view while eating!
            • Also, i suggest you don’t leave the city without trying the amazing Glaze Haze donuts! 

            Directions: Soo. Once you are in the central square, face up the pink building that i was telling you is my favorite. Cross the street. Take right. You will pass by Jasmine and a shop for phones – hope i remember correctly. Walk a little more, as you’d be heading to the end of the central square, there you are! Enjoy!

            • If You Have enough time, you Can also try climbing the mountain or use the cable. Tampa is quite well known and the view is great.
            • Go to the Adventure Park. You will love all the fun out there!!

              bonus: looking for some extra adrenaline and memories to tell your grandchildren about? Why not get a tattoo? in the central square there are at least 3-4 places where you can get one and when would be a better time than when you are on your trip and what better place than one with such a great atmosphere, history and culture?

              Hope you enjoyed my list, let me know about youe opinion on the place, if you have been there! Have a nice Wed’ -full of wisdom, witty and wonderful! xx Zoe

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