Tuesday (skin care) tip ❤

Hello hello. As always, i hope your day is at its peak. You know i always try to bring out the positive vibes, bring out feelings through random photographies or put into discusion different daily life encountered issues. So. What about skin care ? This will, ultimately, be one of the most crucial existential daily horrible problems people are facing today. I wouldn’t know to say who has it worst: boys or girls? Truth, i think, both genders. It just differs by the way each are judged, as i believe a woman can get more judged and maybe judgemental too, due to the fact she is put down through things like this. I won’t say again to be good and be the change, because i assume you already know we need to do so, but anyway – this is a short post about how to take care of your skin.

  • I am not a big make up fan. I tend to go for more natural looks. All i love to do and quite manage to make it truly awesome is that eyeliner thing. From bold to classic, from drama to egyptian, from a smooth line to a thick arched amazing curve. Oh and them eyebrows, these are an awful trouble to handle, especially if you aren’t born with some luck thick ones. Anyway, i find here in ur amazing community – wordpress – tones and tones of helpful tips.

Now, despite the fact of not being a make up fan, i still do feel the excessive need to take care of my skin, as i had quite some issues in the past.

  • The menu you have is truly important. Also, hydrating is a must. And by that, i refer to water, tea or smoothies at the most. Beer, juices (especially soda) won’t do. I am a vegetarian and i don’t drink sodas (except coke jelly or cuba libre at parties) for the last 3 years.
  • Clean your skin! Using special products. If you have/ had issues you can use products that are specally created for acne, grease etc. I am using an active solution that i apply on the wet skin, then wash my face with warm water.

Now, after the cleaning part is done, time for the essential care!

It’s really important to know if you have dry skin or not, in order to avoid oily substances. You can, despite this, use a little more creamy noursihments, to soften the skin or some wounds. 🙂

This is great for hydrating, sun protection (SPF 15) and also for reducing skin spots (red or irritated, You can find it over here


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