Moooood ❤

Hello dear sugars. This is going to be a super busy and hard weekend for me, but HOPEFULLY i will get over it smoothly enough! As i always say, you feel much better after you finish your tasks, the stress goes away and this nice bliss comes and makes you shine. But you know what is much better than finishing your tasks?

Right answer! Doing your best to finish them not only on time, but make them great. So. . .

  1. Something i have observed is that as   the famous book and movie tells us -The Secret – we kind of attract what comes into our life. . .more or less. I am still a little unaware of how we attract bad things when we are just some kids and we don’t even know much about the world, but i have to admit that i have seen it through my experiences that if you are calm, relaxed etc. Things go way more easier than usually
  2. Be cofident. This is the hardest part yet, i know. But people appreciate confidence more, even if you may be a little wrong, you will get away with it nicer than when acting all unsure and dumb. This doesn’t mean AT ALL that   you can now act all smarty pants and snobby. You have to be a kind, good, confident citizen in order to really improve the world.
  3. Do your best. Again, this does not mean AT ALL that you should spend 23/24 h working. No. It just means you must work when you feel like it and don’t lose your head! Well, figuratively speaking, of course you won’t, it is kind of sticked to your neck. . .

– hope dream wait

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Take care xx

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