Retrospect, 20th May, museum night ❤


Three museums, long walks, beautiful night, after a really busy and hard, but beautiful and productive, at last – wouldn’t have believed! 

  1. The history museum
  2. Art museum
  3. Science museum

Would’ve gone to the oil one too. Always wished to see it, but appearantly i will have to wait a little loner, as it appears to be into some kind of  restorations.

The history museum reminded me of my highschool teacher. Wish i was more passionate about it, though.

I have to say that my fav one was the artsy one, by far. I suggest you check out the mobile app – daily art, too! The science museum was amazing! But considering i am studying for meds, it was kind of a little bit. . . How to put it?! not that. . Advanced for me i guess. But it had some really nice people introducing lots of stuff, and there was this game, implying your body features, but no matter what you would answer, the reply would be at the end of the quiz that: YOU ARE UNIQUE! This seemed a little too funny for me, but i really liked the message and i just wanted to pass it on. 🙂 

Returning to the art one, at the end of the tour, in the last room, there was a foreign piano player, whose accent and humour were incredibly good to my mood. Good vibes are surely less than what he sent to us. The way he sang, the way he felt what he sang, the way he spoke at every song’s end and beginning, were indeed touching. So, this is what i would like us all to be like. By the way, did you know that the museum night has a different date every year, but it is happening on the closest saturday to 18th May, because that is the international museum day. 🙂

And one last thing. All this artsy museum thing made me feel like i have to write a little more. You see, i am always at one or another limit. Either i write too much – hopefully i don’t bore you too much – either i don’t at all – but i still got my pics to tell you the story, right? Anyway, here i go. I feel like i have to tell you about my blog’s title. Clarify it a little. Well, about hope, i am sure you heard lots of slang words and idioms wherever you are from. So it goes with dream, so i am not going to tell you to chase your dream or so. I am just going to tell you to make sure of your dreams, cus sometimes you might be deceived even by yourself! But what i am going to tell you about. . .

About the 3RD one. WAIT. No, not at all did i mean to just sit and wander and be lazy and lie around all day and be ignorant – definitely no, but i bet you already got my message if you been following my blog. 🙂 i mean it as in being patient, perseverent, confident, a good citizen, responsible, sensitive, sensible and willing to gain all the qualities, in time, with hard work, sweat, smiles, variety of feelings and with beautiful things done to others, in order to get to the peak.

Nowadays, society has an odd meaning for beauty, wealth etc. So, you may be deceived into thinking that if you don’t have (actually you do, you just seem not to) these to, you may not have not even an ounce to do something, to own something, you will always seem to just owe something. So, hope dream wait is about you. About you being positive. About you being good. About you being the change. About you staying up late thinking what you would say to him/ her (your mother, your father, your friend, your lover, your cactus, your teacher, your preast, your pet, your psychiatrist). About you eating a lot when getting upset or about you not being able to eat at all. About that look you received. About that dress you didn’t buy. About that grey hair that appeared. Etc. 

About the status you will get when making your way up to the peak, with sweat, work, confidence, love etc. And about the things we will change together. Now go to sleep. Get yourself some rest. And prepare. Beware. Tomorrow we have to be fresh. And don’t worry. You will be safe and sound. At last. Now take care xx