to sleep . . . or not to sleep? ♥

Hello, sugars. Well, hello doesn’t quite go along with “to sleep” you might think, but let’s give it a try!

Why choose this theme? Well, i think i have had a few other posts related to the same thing in the past, but i just happened to talk to a friend of mine a few days ago, who was complaining about several insomnia episodes, busy days, lots of stress and lack of energy for most things, even including daily activities or even going out to see a movie or anything relaxing.

Now, a good question i have to ask you would be – supposing you have had at least once insomnia, too – what did you do?

I believe that even taking a good nap, when you have the necessary free time, is a good thing to do to recover your energy and charge up for more work or so. Some may say sleep is for the weak or that sleep is a drug, according to me, anything can be something like a drug, when used more than needed.  Even though, after a few episodes of insomnia, some over sleeping days would be harmless I guess . . .

I had a teacher that used to always say that she hated the idiom: I am going to sleep . . . She said this caused her a disturbing feeling. Instead, she preferred saying: Going to bed, as that was explaining more the need to recover energy, rather than the laziness feeling she would get when hearing about sleep. ☺☺

♦ Speaking of  *drugs*  . . . did you know that caffeine is a drug, too? Well, while some use it over and over because they feel the need to . . . go to bed, other would probably take over and over some . . . maybe let’s say – a general anesthetic to be able to sleep?

♦ Also, did you know that us, between the mammals, are the only able to delay sleeping? Well, maybe we should just stop delaying in general, because, seriously, what good does delaying do? If something must happen, it will anyway, so why delay it? Did you see that when you delay the course of something, things that come after, happen a bit different and odd than they were supposed initially? For example, let’s take a train delay . . . All the activities you had planned for the day are all upside down.

Going back to INSOMNIA. Most people, due to lack of info, tend to believe that insomnia is related to the age, when in fact, it is related to your medical condition and to the way stressful situations affect you.

♦ Ok, now the discussion may have taken a dramatic turn, so let’s make a fun comparison to “turn” the turn? ☺ Did you know that while us, “humans”, need an average 8-hour sleep, giraffes only need 2 h and elephants around 3 or 4? Well, i wonder what would a giraffe that sleeps 2 hours do, if she had insomnia . . . ☺

♦ Also, did you know that a bad sleeps around maybe 20 hours? And a tiger around 16? Only monkeys and dolphins need an average sleep similar to ours.

Let’s go back in the past, a little – as we anyway tend to use a big part of our memory to keep in mind different things from the past – in the 17th century, getting up in the middle of the night wouldn’t be called insomnia, as it was normal for them to just wake up and do different tasks, maybe even socializing.
Before color television, people used to dream black and white, thing that at first, when i have found it out, shocked me a bit, but then, after taking into consideration the fact that then television was different, this fact wasn’t so odd at all. Most people, maybe around 90% tend to “do” as they see in general. Thing which sometimes can be helpful, while other times, hurtful. Well, that is another discussion, so i will try to stick to this one.
♦ Internet acces definitely represents one of the biggest problems when it comes to sleep, as the radiations from our phones and as the focus of all our mind goes on the internet, sleep deprivation can appear. So, try focusing less on this . . . of course, with the exception of that moment when you are reading my blog haha ☺☺

Now, my honest advice for those of you having insomnia, would be to try therapy or even sleeping pills or plant teas. Nobody says that you have to take something too strong, but instead of letting insomnia advance in your life, any of these would be a better option.

Another piece of advice would be for you to speak out your mind clearly, keeping things for you, especially when the issue causing you to hurt inside comes from something exterior. I don’t say you need to hurt others, but i say not to let others hurt you.

Be confident. Be good. Be you. Be original. Hope Dream Wait #