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Your healthy dose of the day ❤

Great source of anti oxidants Cancer, stroke and gout prevention Muscle pain reducer Another great source of vitamin C  And remember about my earlier post about insomnia? Well, cherries are good for sleep, too! + Amazing taste + Perfect snack + Great source of sugar and a better dessert than the usual snacks we use… Continue reading Your healthy dose of the day ❤

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Sunday, Funday ❤

Everyone has a photographic memory. Some just don’t have film. – Steven Wright Adding to this, I’d say that one’s memory deteriorates with age, due to over-exposure! Sometimes the film gets stuck and you can’t rewind the spool to access the photos. And we all know how photos fade over time. Just look at […] via… Continue reading Sunday, Funday ❤

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Things that feel like mom 😁 ❤

Lately I’ve been in the mood for comfort stuff. You know…things that feel like mom. She always knew how to soothe me and pull me back from the abyss. Usually I turn to food – pasta, chocolate and mashed potatoes. Mac or cheese is an old standby but I also like cooked cereal – the […]… Continue reading Things that feel like mom 😁 ❤

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Time to try a new good snack ❤

Serves 1-2 ( Not gonna lie.. I ate it all to myself. Ha!) Ingredients Fresh pineapple cut into small-ish chunks I used about a handful (as much as you heart desires. Fresh or tinned is fine) Red pepper x1 cubed (I used a sweet pointed one but a regular one works) White rice 150g (you […]… Continue reading Time to try a new good snack ❤