Wednesday wisdom – indeed ❤

Hello sugars. Middle of the week – phew when has it already arrived? Well, Tuesday is for tips and treats – actually cut the treats, those are perfect for every day, situation, second, moment of the day – and wednesday is for wisdom and wondering . . . What if?

A pal of mine has failed an exam earlier these days that pretty much turned some decisions upside down.

My mom has a lot of new tasks to do at work and her headache never seems to end.

Dad’s caught up with some unwanted eployers due to some previous work issues.

An acquaintance of mine has an annoying cough that appearantly comes from some kind of unknown allergies.

One of my neighbours had to make a quick appointment at the doctor’s because insomnia has appeared again after a surgery.

And another one of my close friends is a bit introverted, despite acting all friendly and doesn’t quite now if he’ll be able to keep in touch with his new colleagues, which even surprisingly to him, turned out to be some cool people, indeed!

And me. . .well, yesterday i have forgotten the kettle while the stove was on and now o  wondering if anything could be done anymore . . . 

If you had to sum everything up in maybe . . . One descriptive phrase . . . What would you say? I would simply conclude that everything appears because of the stress surrounding us.

  • Failure due to lack of confidence
  • Headache due to an excessive effort
  • Unwanted situations due to previous lack of proper attention
  • Allergies due to – probably – a bad environment
  • Lack of proper energy due to odd ups and downs in the daily life
  • Introverted personality, what if rejection comes right away or the feeling of not belonging?
  • And well, last but not least 😁 – your mind troubles you with petty little things that take you hours – seemingly – after that to “clean up” the mess eventually

Failure, stress, happiness, success – these are all totally normal sums of things we do in our life, and if you then sum up all of the four, that definitely come into each and every one’s life, then, that last sum it will eventually be . . . You?!¿¡ Both failure and success are normal and needed in order to – how do i put it – build¿¡ a good responsible citizen. Actually, failure isn’t as much a failure, as it is some kind of set back, to make you decide if you are (or aren’t) ready and determined to DO YOUR BEST to gain that success, waited for such a long time. The problem comes when things really seem to go into a failing destination and all your motivation and power seemingly fade away. 

From what i have encountered by now, i’ve definitely seen people who worked so hard and succeeded eventually, people who indeed have had some set backs but managed to recover with the help of others; support; love and desire, people who were lucky enough due to their beautiful previous environment that helped them mantain a positive mind and people who are still trying to recover, but lack the necessary motivation to make it work indeed. Somehow, i think i have managed to make 4 categories that pretty much, in a nutshell, describe almost everybody right now, with good and bads, set backs and luck, support, money, talent, desire and so on.

Unfortunately, on this recovering path, some forget about who they are and what they really want or can do. It’s important to have a goal that you can reach hardly enough and that can challenge you, but you don’t need to over react, with absolutely nothing, not even sleep, chocolate or sport. At least, try not to over react all the time. 

  • We all have a certain path and i am sure that all of them have something beautiful on their way. 🔴
  • Therefore, the only things missing are our positive vibe, firstly – so, here comes well, my blog – ok, cut this, i’ll get directly to the main point – yoga – just tell yourself the psotive sentences you need to hear in order to boost your inner peace & confidence; secondly – more kindness, good will and originality. Be Good to those around you and be confident with your decisions. You have the right to make a choice, too! Be Kind. Just because somebody doesn’t perceive the surrounding world like you, doesn’t mean they are wrong, weird – in any bad way – or not worthy. As long as our actions don’t hurt others, a bit of strangeness is wonder⚫ful
  • & HOPE dream wait 🔵

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