6 words, 5 hints, one title ♥

the need of new series on a cosy evening, at the end of the week? Checked

Well, checked wouldn’t be the correct word, as this need comes all of a sudden, by itself, when after a busy and lovely Friday, came Saturday – party, and then Sunday – unplanned but totally awesome after party.

There’s been a while since I haven’t really been watching some series or even had the time. As it’s Sunday evening now and the end  beginning of another week is on the move and I am way too tired to even fall asleep, I thought that I could spend a little while until I fall asleep watching something new. 

I don’t usually watch TV, so choosing some random or not so random series online would be the perfect option right now. Guess what I chose . . . 

5 hints . . .

  1. Starring: one of my favorite actors.
  2. Language containing signs instead of letters.
  3. In that country you can find Jogye-sa.
  4. A band, originally from there, won at the BBMAs this year.
  5. There is a town where it is considered to be somehow belonging to both this country and it’s North “relative” – something similar exists in Belgium, around Kieldrecht – if i recall well – where you were supposed to be standing between Belgium and Netherlands!

and the series I chose . . . 

The Legend of the Blue Sea

  1. Lee Min Ho
  2. Korean
  3. A temple related to the lovely buddhist religion!
  4. BTS
  5. Panmunjum

The story focuses on a charming crook, his amazing skills . . . and well . . . a very uncommon and romantic 180-degree turn – as K dramas are already known for – a mermaid! A story, apparently, inspired by a historic korean tale, also similar – referring to the mix between fiction and reality – to W Two Worlds! 20 episodes, great plot, don’t miss it! xx

Imagini pentru legend of the blue sea


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