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helloo kcal ❤

I love bread and butter pudding, whether in it’s most traditional form or modernised with trendy ingredients like Brioche or sour cherries. My go-to recipes are Nigella Lawson’s Caramel Crossaint Pudding or Gizzi Erskine’s Bailey’s Chocolate Croissant Butter Pudding from Gizzi’s Kitchen Magic. Both recipes feel rather extravagant, but you can never have too much […]… Continue reading helloo kcal ❤

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we need one with dogs, too ❤

“I am going to have coffee with cats. Will you come along?” My daughter asked me. “What!” I wondered aloud. Till now I had heard only about ‘Koffee with Karan’, but when she said something like coffee with cats, I wasn’t sure if I had heard it right. “The cat at home keeps a constant… Continue reading we need one with dogs, too ❤

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just don’t let you . . . Get you ❤

By fafa: ^o^ This period I feel stressed, not only exam, but parents and relationship. Sometimes, I do not know how to respond. Since before in my subconscious, I always labeled my behaviour as right or wrong. What is right or wrong? Other’s behaviour is right? Your own is wrong? Are you kidding? Why you […]… Continue reading just don’t let you . . . Get you ❤

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Nice one, Black ❤

“I’m terrible at keeping secrets,” said Blue Fish. “I can keep my secrets, but not other people’s,” sighed White Fish. “I’m great at keeping other people’s secrets,” said Black Fish. The assembled Fish peered at Black Fish and gave a unified “Uh-huh.” “I can keep secrets!” squawked Black Fish. “It’s the people I tell them… via… Continue reading Nice one, Black ❤