Vegan journey – soon? Pt II ❤️

So, earlier today i posted about veganism. Here’s another one! With the main ideas summed up and made clear enough – after all, it is yours to decide..

First things first. Almost all people who Eat meat Claim that vegans have no protein based products At all in their meals. Well, unless you live somewhere like Alaska where i believe that besides fish and things that they can achieve by themselves, other food products are probably harder to be found.

#1 think about all those sentient beings, it is never too late

#2 meals based on vegetables, fruits and cereals have been searched upon and proved that can give you more boost, improve heart condition, reduce diabetes risk and also bring you many other vitamins and minerals perfect for your organism

#3 soy has proteins too. nuts too. myths people say don’t.

#4 helping the environment might also be a good reason, considering that we live in here, yet we act like we didn’t most of the time

#5 your digestive system will thank you for your choice (and so will animals, which after all, Could also Eat us just because, yet don’t and neither should we)

#6 heard about climate change?

#7 well then, if you aren’t a big fan of the surroundings, maybe you care about your skin and about looping fit 90% of your time .. then why not try this too? After all, all those money you used on different products haven’t Helped you 100%, take another chance with this one!

7 reasons. 7 days a week to make life better.

Take care.
Zoe xD



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