Museums … ❤️

Alright, So we all have moments when we are something like: “oh today i am in the mood for something new! Something nice and interesting, But not too complicated oh what Shall i do?” Well, museums are always a good option.. you Find out about things you may or may not know, But in the same time you don’t stress yourself too much and So on. But then.. you think that going to a museum is somehow fancy and your brain may have to be in a good mood and you Shall be with your eyes all over and catch out with the detaaails and So on and now to think about it’s not something you would really like hm..

Well! Think again!

What if the museum you would go to would be a fun one? What if .. you would visit the kitsch museum from Romania? 😏

Here you are some nice catches i took that may also catch you in the spirit of going!

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