Second theme of the week❤️

Okay, So, before going to my second nap on this fine and warm monday i will make another random post this time. After publishing my first post for this monday and also this week, i looked – as i usually do – to see the countries that Viewed it already. Don’t know why, But my eyes stumbled upon Nicaragua, for some reason. One Little sugar viewer from there which i thank very much! So, i thought, why not surf the net in order to Find some news about this lovely place that appeared on my views list and also Find out something more for myself!

Unfortunately, i found some Bad news that i will share with you sugars and ask you all to be more understanding, calm, patient, good, caring and also to Tell me your opinions on the protests going down there due to Ortega’s decisions. Also. Do you think that the person who has the Highest position in the country is truly, generally speaking, the one who is really ruling?

♕ Say what you wanna say ♔

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