Sunday slack ❤️

Hello sugars. For some reason, don’t know if it’s the fact that i might be tired, or just caught a cold, or so, But this sunday i woke up lazier than never. I stood in bed Even after 12 pm, barely ate something. Now i have made myself a cup of coffee with chocolate Flavour, Cinnamon, whipped cream, a Little Vanilla soy milk and right now i was trying a new lipgloss i bought a while ago, then i will have to start solving today’s tasks, although i still feel Incredibly lazy … So i thought i would make a quick post with some helpful tips for anyone feeling like this on a sunny sunday when there is So much to be done! ✌🏼😊

Go for a walk

Get into yoga POSE!

Remind yourself you are doin the best and keep on doing that!

Order something good to eat

Have a hot chocolate with whipped cream and some ”me time”

Take a good quick nap or watch some nice series to get your mood brightened up (ex. great seducer, the fosters, casa de papel, siren, how i met your mother)

Take a friend and go for a bike ride or Even fishing or Even why not?! on a good coffee break

Well now .. are we ready for some work to be done? Yas 👍🏻✌️👌🏻

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